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This web site is devoted to a book published in November 2004, outlining the history of Iona National Airways - Ireland's first commercial Airline.

The site contains some information on the history of Iona Airways, details of the book, its author and how to obtain copies of the book. It also features gallery pages containing photos of various people and aircraft associated with Iona National Airways.

‘This book is a welcome addition to the growing literature on Irish aviation. In what is obviously a labour of love, Michael Traynor, who published the book himself, lists all aircraft that went through Iona, their history and provenance. Even seasoned aviation buffs will find something new.'

- Irish Times

‘This is a substantial work for a self-publisher and the author is to be congratulated both for the work he put into it and the quality of its production. The story begins with the Iona Motor Engineering Works, Dublin, in 1923 and builds chapter by chapter almost as a story of Irish aviation.

This is an eminently readable book, well produced on good paper, and a welcome addition to Irish aviation history at a remarkably reasonable price.'

-- ‘Aeroplane Monthly’ is one of the UK’s most popular aviation magazines and is circulated to 35,000 readers in 50 countries each month.

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