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The welcoming party at Baldonnel on 5 September 1930 to greet the first two aircraft to form Hugh Cahill's new aviation company, Desoutter EI-AAD and Gipsy Moth G-ABBV. Left to right: Pearse (age 13 years), 3 reporters, L. S. Tyndall (ferry pilot EI-AAD), Jim Malone (ferry pilot G-ABBV) and John Cummins.

Photograph courtesy Pearse Cahill collection

Official opening day at Kildonan 8 June 1931, depicting the Iona fleet of, left to right, Gipsy Moths EI-AAF,

Photograph courtesy Pearse Cahill collection

During the late 1920's and early 1930's one the world's most famous aviatrix was Lady Mary Heath. From February 1935 until August 1938 she managed the aviation affairs at Kildonan. Lady Heath is photographed with her husband, Reginald Williams, beside her Gipsy Moth, G-ACBU, affectionately known as The Silver Lining.

Photograph courtesy Chris Bruton collection

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Pearse Cahill crossing the finishing line to win the 1950 Leinster Trophy, on the occasion of it's first visit to Wicklow, 8 July 1950. Pearse was responsible for the re-establishment of Iona's post war aviation operations in 1956.

Photograph via Pearse Cahill collection

The completed Iona hangar at Dublin airport in 1958, then catering for up to 8 aircraft. The hut, near the road, was used by Irish Air Charters and Iona for storage. The Boot Inn located to the rear

Photograph via Pearse Cahill collection

A selection of Piper aircraft on display, for demonstration purposes, in front of the Iona hangar in June 1961. The caravan in the background, served as a clubhouse. Company name now on hangar doors.

Photograph courtesy Paul Duffy

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The first Piper aircraft purchased by Iona was Tripacer, EI-AMJ. It remained with Iona for two months during summer1962

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

Aerial view of Iona ramp in 1975, following extension of clubhouse and prior to erection of second hangar

Photograph courtesy Paul Duffy


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